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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Look of the Day: Diane Kruger wearing No. 21

Olivier Rosteing for Balmain

French fashion label Balmain has made 25-year-old Olivier Rousteing its Creative Director. Rousteing, a French born African; began working (in charge of women’s wear) for Balmain in 2009.
He replaces Christophe Decarnin, who brought so much attention to the label in recent years with his amazing talent. Decarnin resigned from the label earlier this month.
Rousteing used to work Roberto Cavalli for five years before joining Balmain. I wish Olivier all the best, he is onto a major career in fashion and I am inspired by this man today.

Rihanna interesting Style

I have not been the biggest fan of Rihanna's recent style. I used to be a very impressed fan of her style; but of late I have not been. Her style to me me now has been with effort trying to look like its effortless, not working.
However since I am back to blogging I decided to do a post on her recent style sightings as they seem to have been getting better. What do you guys think? She's been a win and lose a lot in terms of her style lately, so I am hoping this new week of good styling continues.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beyonce is about to be everywhere!

Hi Guys,

I am a fan of Beyonce's music/work but I am on the fence sometimes with her fashion and style; sometime I am not a fan; other times I am a fan. And when I am not I don't hate it I just don't like the ensembles; but love the pieces if worn differently or separately. SO LETS SAY I HAVE MIXED FEELINGS.......So its new music time for Ms Bey YAY! Lets face it, she is a fabulous artist. Last week Beyonce dropped the first single from her upcoming album, the song is call 'GIRLS (WHO RUN THE WORLD)'. A song I think is intended to become the new female anthem, I am not hooked on it yet, however I like it. I am hoping that the video is a hit in true Beyonce's style.

So why am I blogging for the first time in a long time. I must say I am still a fan of blogging, well with reading other people's blogs. lol. I am hoping that the Beyonce new album promotions and sighting is a strong inspiration to make me continue blogging. It has only been a week of Beyonce being in Paris and I am loving the frequency of the new pics coming out daily about the fabulous musician. So there you have it, I am back to blogging because I could not pass on not saying something about Beyonce's style in the last week.

1. The first outfit I saw was Beyonce wearing a beautiful mixed print dress by Preen, Christian Louboutins peep toe shoes and Jimmy Choo bag. Hmmmmm I didn't like that ensemble, but I loved every piece, wishing the bag was worn with another shoes, and so on and so forth.
2. I loved this outfit, Beyonce wore a baggy cargo pants with some super high booties and a free sleeveless tee. Nothing to me is wrong, the hat is off because she was at Disney World so I guess it was allowed.
3. I love the effortlessly chic gold and black sexy dress, I am not sure who the designer of the dress is, but the shoes are Alexander Mcqueen and its a good combination.
4. I love this jumpsuit, so easy and those sunglasses are wicked, major (my British sayings 'side eying myself').
5. I love the shorts and the whimsical jacket worn with the grey booties, (I am hoping that the booties are not really grey).
5. Oh my, the polka dots Marc Jacobs dress; this is why I am blogging tonight; I love this dress. I am a big fan of stripes and polka dots and this wins my heart. Well done Beyonce.