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Sunday, September 13, 2009

My New Project and its Logo

Hi Guys, its been a while; I know and I missed you all. I travelled for 4 months, will be travelling again soon. However I wanted to share my new project with you all.
I have a new business called 'Opulence of Style'; the message is 'the wealth of style and fashion'. Whew I am excited, since this has been a dream in the works for a long time. Dreams do come true.
Opulence of Style will offer accesories and clothing to sell, wardrobe consultancy, styling, gift consultancy/services, private shopping and personal shopping.
Most of the services will be offered in Nigeria and Liberia. However some of the services will apply to the USA and other parts of the world if possible (email me about your interest).
I am very glad to have you guys visiting my blog, therefore I will be sharing most of the pics of the things, events, that I have and will have.
Please make suggestions on what you think to help me improve on this new venture.
Thx Stylistas and Stylistos (if thats a word).