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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Celeb's Style: Rihanna


Tiger Tem said...

I have to say the girl always knows how to step out of her house looking fierce. Love it. Love that brown furry gilet type thing she's wearing. And the purple jumper...and her hair in the first two pics. Love anyone who can pull of short hair so well and I love the fact that a black woman is bucking the trend, well its more of a norm now for the long flowy weave.

SET said...

Tiger Tem, I agree, her hair is a standout when most females are looking so alike these days. Rihanna is fierce and she knows it.

Stephanie said...

Riri,is one of my favourite fashionistas' these days...The kid is always on point,even in candid pics.She knows how to work trends and she carrys them off FABULOUSLY.