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Sunday, November 25, 2007

“30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 25”

I was tagged by Daddy Girl to be thankful, thanks Lady.
See details on how to continue this chain of Thankfulness on Daddy's Girl Blog

I am thankful for GOD, HMMM I am totally nothing without You.
I am thankful to You God.......... for making me to know You are near when I call.
Thankful for Prayers and Miracles.
Thankful for Life, Love, Protection, Provision, Care, Peace of mind,
Forgivingness, Kindness, Happiness, Joy, laughter and..................
Thankful for my parents, my brothers and sisters and family.
Thankful for my brother's Heart's Desires.
Thankful for you guys, my friends.
Thankful for the opportunities for Income.
Thankful for a home, transportation, food, (Provisions).
Thankful for sending me Someone indeed at this time.
Thankful for September 14th, November 30th and December 18th and shortly after.
Thankful for That time frame to not be beyond January.
Thankful for that person.
Thankful for the direction for which I seek you to lead me.
Thankful for the clarification on what I should do and where I should do it and when I should.
Thankful for patience and that time to move on.
Thankful for my Trips and my Bday at Home with those precious kids next year.
Thankful for my new Nephew, the One to come and the Ones I already have.
Thankful for the Friend with the good news last night, you answered her prayers.
Thankful for freedom and Restoration for those who seeks the opportunity.
Thankful for You being in control.
Thankful for this opportunity to be 'Thankful' to YOU, the Creator of Heaven and Earth and All the dwells within.


jemmy said...

Hi Girl, hope u are ok. Thanks for this inspiring piece, we have every reason to give thanks to God..In every situation, we give thanks.....

Daddy's Girl said...

Beautiful piece. There are so many reasons to thank God.