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Sunday, September 30, 2007


When we are asked to do something for the people we love, we try our best not to dissapoint them. We go out of our way to please them, because we want them to continue to trust us and rely on us.

God wants us to trust HIM and to continue to do so. When you are trusting the Lord for something, do not doubt it for HE will come through in order to not dissapoint you and give you reasons not to trust him.

I wish you all a blessed week.


zoeleni said...

So true............the God we serve is avery Faithful God. He wants us to trust him. Obey God n leave all the consequences to him.

Have a bless week everyone.

Ugo Daniels said... true, thanks for sharing ;) And Happy Independence!

Jemmy said...

Trusting in God will bring many blessings, no disappointments. How are u? wish all a great week!!

Ladybrille said...

Thank you Set. Good message. I have been hearing that since Friday literally everywhere I go. So, I think God is sending me a message.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

I like this piece...

Stephenie said...

I like the message a lot because everything that we do on this Earth won't be possible if we don't trust and believe in the Almighty.