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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Q&A With Naija Vixen

Thanks to Naija Vixen for the answers to our Q&A. Visit her site here

1. What's your daily skincare regime and what are your favorite products,like skincare products, makeup, etc?
Wash my face with soap and water every morning and night unfailingly...andmoisturise with Nivea Morning Burst and Johnson Baby Oil.
2. What are your biggest beauty obsessions?
Mac Lip Glass..cant do without it!
3. What are your favorite hair products and hairstyles, why and how do youmanage them?
Good ol'fashioned Luster's Pink Oil!Botanicals range of hairproducts.Hairstyle?A Fringe...can hide a lot of things!

4. What's the one beauty item you would splurge on? Uhm...nothing yet.
5. What is/are your favorite type ofClothing,accessories,bags,shoes,jewels,etc do you splurge on?
HandBags..i can splurge anything on bags...big bags tho and sunglasses eventho i always break 'em!

6. What's your favorite fragrance(s) and why?
"Cacharel"...evokes memoriesand "Love in Paris" by Nina Ricci...i just love french perfumes.
7. Who are your favorite artists, cds, movies, books?
Im generally on the RnB grind these days..but i luv me sum T.I and Eve.8. What are you obsessed with?My Ipod...very essential...and Laptop What is your favorite thing that you do to relax? Put on sum music andrifle through a magazine or chat with friends for hours on end!

10. Finally what one thing do you always have to have, or can't livewithout?
God and Music....cant do without both...and vaseline!


Daddy's Girl said...

Nice... love her responses. I'm definitely with her on the Vaseline and MAC lip glass.

Jemmy said...

Good ideas, yes, Vaseline is very good .....

Ugo Daniels said...

Very fundaful...So yu like chatting wit frieds eh!, Naijavixen. In fact, lemme catch yu for fcbk, i'll deal wit!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

fantastic responses from naija vixen.. i'm more of a fan of lancome juicy tubes though(actually never tried the 'glass stuff'... cos i'm a serious fan.. once i love something.. sometimes i don't even bother checking for alternatives) lol@ the vaseline response( i feel you on that one.. i dont know who asked me a while ago if i could only take 4 things to an island what they'd be.. i said my sister, a pen, paper and vaseline.. lol)

Vera Ikeji said...

Hey SET, i didnt see my own survey answers here. Where is it? lol. Just kidding.