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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another Celeb Arrested: EVE FOR DUI

Click the link below to see the video of Rapper Eve being arrested for driving her car into the middle of the road the divides each sides. Thank God nothing happened to her.
I am sorry, it is wrong to drive when you have had one too many drinks. Have I done the same, meaning driving after I have a few drinks? Yes, shame on me, but hey I don't drink a lot to get drunk, I get tipsy every now and then. Still shame on me, I have decided to not drink anymore tho, we'll see how it goes when I am on vacation partying.


Klara said...

Oh Gal! It's good u have stopped that baaad habit!

SET said...

@ Klara, lol, I don't drink like that. I drink spcially/occasionally and not to get drunk. I am mostly a home person so I am hardly out and drinking. But thx anyways I am trying to quit completely tho.