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Monday, February 26, 2007

Some great Looks at the Oscars: Part 1

Beyonce looked very beautiful.
Jlo, Anika and JHud, FAB

Penelope, The Smiths, Jada's dress; beautiful color.

Keisha is so Fabulous, Forest, Eddie and Tracy looked like a movie star herself.

Djimon, I wish he would win an oscar soon, And the Queen looked nice in the dress.


Jemmy said...

Beautiful people... Now, that's The Queen!! Is she now into colour black or something? Fantastic dress, though.

SET said...

It is a nice dress. You are too funny. Jem

Daddy's Girl said...

I like your selections - they all look absolutely stunning. Penelope Cruz always looks great. I am not really feeling J-Hud's outfit though. Could've been better.