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Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Music from Ashanti, Mario and Others. Hot

Pictures source:

Mario, 'How do I breathe'

Ashanti, 'You can't deny it' feat, Jim Jones.
Speaking of Ashanti, is there trouble for she and Nelly? Is that why he is in Sundance partying alone? I will keep you posted. Hmmmmm

Click link below to hear these songs and more. Watch J. Holiday's video as well.


Stephanie said...

Hey SET!This is an awesome blogspot you've got.You're on your way to greater things!Keep up the good work and try update your pics cause you know you dont want me tellin people how good you look.:-)

SET said...

Stephie. I love you for your kind flattery.
I am lookin forward to your interview with us. You will be the first one I will interview. You are special and I need to see your beautiful pics on here too

Stephanie said...

You are too kind with your words!Dont try shift the attention,its your blog so my pic does not have to be on there till when ever.I'm lookin forward to that interview too.