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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hello Everyone and welcome to my new blog.

I am so happy to have my own blog. Thank you for stopping by. I love blogging, I've been doing so for a while and always thought of creating one of my own. Today while blogging at work (bad bad, pls do not do the same) I confirmed my feelings of creating one. I came home and this is it, my sister who is not into blogging is here and is like 'whatever'.

I have so much I have experienced and is still experiencing and would love to share with you all.

God is good to me, so stories of what He has done and is doing for me will come up on here occasionally.

I am an entertaiment gossip/news junky, (my semi ex boyfriend ask me about what's new in entertainment to tease me, because I am always aware). I am a big skincare/perfume/cosmetics junky, I love fashion (Handbags) hmmm, If I could have a the pocket books I love, I would not be online blogging, instead I would be loving them. LOL. I am into fashion magazines, good music is a big part of my happiness, love movies, but not big on going to the movies.

I am a dreamer, I am constantly researching ways to become a successful entrepreneur in fashion one day soon. We will get into that very soon, I promise. I love and is intriqued by people from different parts of the world. Most importantly for this blog, I love the internet, thank God for the internet.

Anyhow I will be back tomorrow with my first non welcome posting. I am not sure what the first post will be, but we will see. Right? Right, hahahaha.
I have so much to share and please feel free to ask questions and post responds. I have a beautiful neice, Kammie aka Kameren, she is 5 years old and oh boy, brace yourselves people for she has so much to talk about as well. LOL.

Welcome to and have a good evening all of you.



Bernice said...

Way to go! i'm looking forward to reading more. Bernice

SET said...

Thank you, Bernice. I will be interviewing you real young powerful and driven young ladies as I go on. Thank you for being the first person to respond to my blog.


Bella Naija said...

Welcome Girl!
Lookin forward to more!

marcia said...

I like what u`re doing
keep 8 up

That chick Tequila said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!!!
Keep up the good work looks good girl!!!! Every woman loves fashion ,style and of course men and we just love alot of gossip. And I know you will provide all of the above.
Stay positive !!

Jemy said...

Congrats!! Interesting reading and entertainment.... Love your background too, it is simply beautiful! All the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey cus, keep trying grater things ahead. Good initiation. so much luv cosin koyan.

Sandra said...

SET i wanna see you on My cable before 2007 ends ok? hahaha!!you're doing great ma the site is growing i've read a lot in just a min